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Thank you for visiting our website. If you have found this site a blessing, please consider supporting The Fishermen Ministry via the donate button below.

Tuesday – 2/25/2014

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  • Richard Eutsler, Sr.
  • Steven Atherton
  • Paul Muller
  • Charles Hocker
  • Richard Eutsler, Jr.

Scriptures used:

  • 1 John 2:20-29


  • Verse 20 – in relation to the verses before about where there are antichrists (not the antichrist) but people who have the same spirit.  These people all began with John and the other Apostles. Even as many today who begin in the Spirit and then get caught up in various lusts of the flesh, the most important one being pride and being all about them.  The true Christian always points people to Christ.
  • Any goodness we partake of comes from God.
  • Unction – the anointing of the Lord that comes down through the line of authority.
  • You know all things – referring to everything they have been taught they know. They do not need to be taught again, they already know it.
  • John 17 shows us how the Lord revealed himself and gave his word to those 11 and his prayer was for those 11 and also for those who would believe on their word.  They would have known that John was the line of authority.  They would have received it, walked in that, been pleased in that and would have operated as a unit.
  • What he is talking about here is division. The church today claims to know Christ but you know when you hear them speaking you know it is not in accordance with Christ.
  • No lie is of the truth.  Jesus is the truth.  It is not Christ that bring those things in, it is not of Christ.
  • How they train people to recognize counterfeit money is by teaching them every aspect of true money.  That is the job of a Christian, to know everything there is to know about the truth, then when somebody comes to you with something that is not the truth you will know it.  You are protected and potentially can help the other.
  • You can’t make excuses.
  • Difference between understandable and making excuse for it.  Understanding you can have compassion, making excuses they are never going to turn.
  • Denying the power thereof, from such turn away – the denying here is their denying what the Word says i.e. the Word says you are evil, that every man has sinned and fallen short of the glory of God, when it says these things then you know that the only sacrifice that can take away your sins is the blood of God’s Son Jesus the Christ, and it is there with you till the very end.
  • As Paul said, Christ Jesus came to save sinners of whom I am chief, present tense.  It shows the power of the blood.
  • We know that Jesus and the Father are one and the same.  Those who deny that the Father and Son are one and the same are antichrist.  A lot out there who believe that the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost are three individual persons, each with their own body, their own soul, that is antichrist.  “Hear O Israel the Lord thy God is one God.”  Scripture shouts that Jesus the Christ is the Father, he came in the form of man to minister to us, to die for our sins and reconcile us to him.
  • Denying that – antichrist.
  • Cain & Abel – both were making an offering to God, one’s was acceptable, the other’s was not.  The only thing we can offer up is the offering that He gave us.  All Cain had to do was go to his brother and say I need a lamb for the offering, what will you take in exchange. But his pride wouldn’t let him, he wanted to offer the fruit of his own hands but God rejected it because it was cursed.
  • Moses, when asked who shall I say sent me – tell them the I Am sent you.  Jesus told the Pharisees that he was the I Am.
  • Denying that Jesus is the Christ are the ones that go around establishing their own righteousness rather than taking the gift of righteousness, a free gift taken by faith.
  • Take a look at the Monarch caterpillar, it goes into a cocoon (cave), it dies and comes back a beautiful creature.
  • When God is loving you he is not loving that caterpillar he is looking at you through his grace seeing that butterfly, that glorified creature.
  • Catholic priest preaching about the grace of God – it is not there for some people (Hitler or the like) they are denying the Son.  That is not what the Son says, he says my grace is sufficient for you.  It is not about you it is about Him.
  • When we do these things we are not only a liar but we are denying Jesus, the Son.  He died for the sins of the world, everybody, without exception.
  • Died for the sins of the world – he is talking about the seed of Adam, not the seed of perdition.
  • What needs to abide in you is that Gospel.  When you receive Christ Jesus you recognize you are a sinner in need of a savior and you are still a sinner in need of a savior and you will be a sinner in need of a savior to the end.
  • Christ saves you, he cleans you up and sends you forth and then you forget who you are, and all of a sudden take what he has done and think you are worthy and great.  That is why people think you are a hypocrite.
  • When you walk in the Gospel you recognize you are a sinner like everybody else.  The only difference between you and everyone else is the blood of Jesus.
  • Contrast between Abraham and Lot.  Lot looked down at the well watered valley of Sodom and said I’ll take that. Abraham was left with the mountains.  The valley is easier than the mountain.  If you are going to go forward to climb the mount of God you’re going to be on a mountain and you are going to have difficulties but it is those difficulties that God will manifest He is with you. Lot got soft and lazy.  Many Christians get soft and lazy and when the battle comes they can’t do anything.
  • You abide in Him by faith in the sufficiency of His sacrifice for you.
  • Even as it hath taught you – how did the anointing teach you – by faith. You shall abide in him – by faith.
  • Abide in him (by faith) that when he shall appear we shall have confidence, as though we belong.
  • Come boldly before the throne of grace, first you come when you need mercy which the Gospel empowers us to do.
  • Part of that confidence is that He distributes that mercy, it is receivable because that’s what He is, that’s what he does, because we need it, it is part of the whole deal.
  • When you receive that mercy you can stand in boldness as He did.
  • Lazarus’ death – Jesus wept because of the peoples’ unbelief, not that Lazarus was dead. His prayer that He knew that His Father always heard Him.
  • God doesn’t always hear you just because you are a Christian, but if you ask anything in accordance with His will, and are practiced in that very act and have experience of Him responding precisely in accordance with what you’ve asked because you’ve asked in accordance with His will, then you can in confidence confront the situations before you.
  • What Jesus was having to confront was these people expecting an expiration date on God’s power.  Jesus had that confidence that if he waited four days, then we can have these things settled when it worked.
  • This stuff testifies against us: unbelief, selfishness, pride that may yet be in our hearts – things God cannot honor.  These are things that if you want to get shed of, he’ll help you get shed of them.
  • Requires us to labor i.e. against unbelief.
  • How many times in the Bible did you hear Jesus pray for his disciples to be healed? You won’t find one. He prayed for those who were without that they could believe. Why is it then that Christians walk as unbelievers always seeking to be prayed for rather than walking in the faith that God has given them and taking authority over sickness and disease and stuff.
  • Sign seekers like, ‘Oh God still wants me’.  People come who are not believers, the Lord heals them.  Come back again wanting prayer.  Didn’t I pray for you before, didn’t you become a believer?  Yeah but this is different.  What’s different is that you haven’t stepped on the other side of the river, you’re still sitting in the desert wanting to be fed.
  • This is not us establishing our own righteousness.  Relating to the motive behind what we do. Jesus is righteous. When we are in Him and operating in obedience to Him and under the anointing of His Holy Spirit then the things that we do are righteous because they originate in Him.  It is not us going about doing righteous things so that we are acceptable to Him.  That is how we then walk, we walk as He walked because He is in us.
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