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Thank you for visiting our website. If you have found this site a blessing, please consider supporting The Fishermen Ministry via the donate button below.

Tuesday Bible Study – 03/26/2013

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  • Richard Eutsler, Sr.
  • Steven Atherton
  • Paul Muller
  • Charles Hocker
  • Richard Eutsler, Jr.

Scriptures used:

  • Acts 3


  • The story of Peter and John healing the man at the gate of the temple called Beautiful, another example of Peter’s boldness and certainty of faith after the receipt of the Holy Spirit.
  • Every believer has that power.
  • The courage and humility it takes to do this is attainable.  There is a subtle motive that keeps us from attaining this – we want to justify ourselves (and others) that we are a man of God .  We want to prove ourselves.  This is being a sign follower.
  • Anyone can have the faith to be healed, but don’t confuse that with the gift of healing.
  • It makes you look bad when someone isn’t healed, deal with it.
  • Failure will humble you.  It is an aspect that allows you to grow.
  • Pentecostals today have lost the power of God because they depend upon their own holiness, not God’s.
  • Peter brings the men of Israel to account for what they have done, denying the Holy One and killing Him.
  • God sent Jesus to turn us away from our iniquities and pride.  If he can turn them all, those who killed Him, away from pride, who can not be saved?
  • It was hard for them to accept Jesus, that He was the Son of God, when he looked just like us and was from a family they knew.
  • The scribes and pharisees’ targets were the common people, they were the sinners who were going to hell.  But the pharisees, scribes and lawyers were the good guys, who were going to heaven.  Jesus came along and preached a totally different message.  The common people that know they are sinners and ask for forgiveness, they are the ones going to heaven.
  • Compare this with the church today:   what is their message?  All of you sinners out there are going to hell.  You prostitutes, whores, etc.  But we are the righteous ones who God loves.  Woe unto you church people who think you are holy and are not.  It’s you who have turned away and caused other people to fall.  Unto you in the street, you are forgiven if you repent.
  • The churches are government controlled and state run.
  • We need to get a handle on the Gospel:  You are saved by grace.  You are saved by the work and love of God, not anything you do makes you worthy.   If you say you are worthy in the flesh you are saying you are equal with God and He will not accept that.
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