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Thank you for visiting our website. If you have found this site a blessing, please consider supporting The Fishermen Ministry via the donate button below.

Tuesday Bible Study – 05/07/2013

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  • Richard Eutsler, Sr.
  • Steven Atherton
  • Paul Muller
  • Richard Eutsler, Jr.

Scriptures used:

  • Acts 9


  • Saul of Tarsus – on fire to stamp out Christianity – so much so that he was forward to get letters to go into other countries to bring back believers bound to Jerusalem.  Happens throughout history, even today, even in the U.S.
  • Verse 5 –who art though, Lord?  Paul asked if it was the Lord, he did not know.
  • Why persecutest thou me – speaking of the body of Christ – Saul was not a part of those who persecuted Christ while he walked the earth.
  • Kick against the pricks – speaks of God’s ownership of Saul.  The pricks is a reference to a device used in the training of oxen.
  • Trembling – Saul, who started out so certain of himself is now terrified – even to the point of not eating.
  • Saul was to be told what he “must” do – the only choice Saul had was to obey Jesus or die.
  • Ananias (in contrast to Saul) recognized Jesus’ voice went he spoke to him in a vision.
  • Jesus laid out Paul’s commission to Ananias.  Ananias confirmed to Paul God’s call.  Paul received all three baptisms at the hand of Ananias by the operation of God.
  • At Ananias’ word Paul received his sight.  Many believe incorrectly that Paul’s thorn in the flesh was problems with his eyes.  This disproves that, but also God said “my grace is sufficient” grace covers sin not sickness.  The thorn was a sin Paul could not overcome which kept him humble.
  • That which Paul had done to believers was now going to happen to him – the one prepared him for the other.
  • Paul immediately entered into fellowship – leaving those of his past, unless they accepted Christ.
  • Paul immediately preached Christ in the synagogues proving Christ in both word and deed (in power).
  • When people see the power of God it does not mean they will believe.  Few religious people will believe because it does not speak well of them.
  • Paul’s knowledge of those lying in wait to kill him was part of God’s teaching Paul that he could trust him.
  • Christians misunderstood why Paul was disliked and hated – they thought it testified against Paul.  It actually testified against them.
  • Grecians – Greek Jews who had embraced Greek culture, mythology, philosophy.
  • Peter gets out of Jerusalem – the result – you see the power of God move and the church grow. Peter getting out of Jerusalem was critical to rekindle his ministry.
  • Alms deeds, alms can be money or deeds (servant).
  • God is just looking today for some people who believe so he can do something.
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