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Thank you for visiting our website. If you have found this site a blessing, please consider supporting The Fishermen Ministry via the donate button below.

Wednesday – 06/03/2015

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  • Robin Atherton
  • Ann Eutsler
  • Karen Hocker
  • Megan Atherton

Scriptures used:

  • Proverbs 3:5-8
  • 1 Peter 1:13-16
  • 1 Peter 3:1-6
  • Genesis 12
  • Genesis 20
  • Hebrews 11:11
  • Exodus 28:40


  • Wives
  • Wives be obedient to our own husbands and submit unto them. It is the doing it that matters.
  • Trust; when we trust someone it’s having a confidence in someone that what someone says they will do. That is what we need to do with God.
  • Our flesh is in disagreement with God, but we need to come against that and not agree with it.
  • God set out a word for us that is good and we need to trust Him.
  • Everywhere that trust in the Lord is spoke of in the word, good things follow. He is worthy of putting all our trust in.
  • The walk of faith is where we choose what God says no matter what we think. We can’t say we believe God or say that we are faithful if we don’t do what He says to do.
  • Pray always in all things, prayer is a powerful weapon, it is a way to put our face to the Lord, looking unto Him.
  • We have to realize that we don’t have an excuse to do our own thing and say it is of God. We are not right and God wrong! God is right and we are wrong.
  • When we are acknowledging God, we are not leaning on our own understanding.
  • If we are wise in our own eyes, we are leaning on our own understanding.
  • The ways of the Lord are not man’s ways, the more we hear and give heed to the world’s ways, we won’t receive the things that would be helpful to us.
  • The line of authority in the army of God works together with one mind and one goal.
  • The wife should do the same for her husband being obedient, doing what he would have her to do, being of the same mind.
  • The wife is the husband’s help meet.
  • Take the authority to walk in obedience, to choose the way of the Lord whatever it takes.
  • The grace of God isn’t here so we can just be how we are, but to be how He would have us to be.
  • Be holy in all our behavior. What does our heart speak?
  • Doing service to the Lord in hope, choosing to trust Him, believe Him and to do His will.
  • Obedience: Attentive hearkening
  • If we won’t submit to our husband whom we can see, we are kidding ourselves if we think we are submitting to the Lord.
  • We should actually fear not being obedient to our husband.
  • It is a choice to humbly serve, a good service, one that is worth doing.
  • Sarah was obedient to Abraham, she did just what he said to do. She did what was right and the Lord was manifest. That area of the world still knows who Abraham was and who God is.
  • Sarah called Abraham Lord, he was her head. She was blessed by the Lord for her obedience to Abraham by protecting her.
  • A wife’s agenda should be the husband’s agenda, wives shouldn’t have their own agenda.
  • It is a wife’s choice to be obedient to the Lord in serving her husband.
  • Underlying thing about a Proverbs 31 Virtuous woman is doing that which was for her to do, there is a whole and the wife can be a part of that and not begrudge being a part of that whole.
  • We need to obey the Lord even if it isn’t good for us. It will be good and magnify God and His plan.
  • We need to be obedient to His word.
  • We want to be daughters of Sarah, we don’t do it by saying we believe, we do it by showing we believe.
  • We need to put away all the things that would draw us away.
  • Don’t look to the outward appearance being our adornment, or a thing to notice. The thing that the
  • Lord looks at is our heart and the thing that will testify of Him is both spoken and walked.
  • The real place of the battle comes when we choose to separate from all the things we get hung up about and choose God.
  • We can serve God, and when we fall, we can stand in the Grace and get up again.
  • Jesus said “If you love me keep my commandments.”
  • We are all under submission and should be obedient, and in the Lord can be beautiful and right.
  • Where is there complaint in the Lord? There just isn’t any!
  • The outward appearance is camouflage and it hides where our hearts are. We need to not put so much emphasis on our outer appearance. What comes out of our mouth or our actions show where are heart is.
  • We need to stand firm in being obedient to our husbands no matter what! It is God’s way!
  • There can’t be two heads on anything, it will not survive. The man is the head. Wives can give suggestions, (not in judgment), but the husband makes the final decision.
  • Our confidence needs to be in the Lord for our husbands.
  • Wives need to not be in a place where we think our husbands need to be different, but in a place where we need to be different ourselves.
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