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Thank you for visiting our website. If you have found this site a blessing, please consider supporting The Fishermen Ministry via the donate button below.

Wednesday – 2/26/2014

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  • Robin Atherton
  • Ann Eutsler
  • Karen Hocker
  • Megan Atherton

Scriptures used:

  • John 1:1
  • Hebrews 4
  • 1 Thessalonians
  • Acts 17:10
  • Hebrews 4:12
  • 1 John 2:16
  • Psalm 138:2
  • 2 Peter 19:1
  • 2 Timothy 3:16
  • 1 Timothy 4:16
  • Psalm 119
  • Psalm 105
  • Psalm 10
  • Psalm 12
  • Psalm 25
  • Psalm 38
  • Joshua 1:8


  • Studying the Word.
  • Reading the word is feeding your spirit, not important if you understand it at the time.
  • Studying the word is different, desiring to understand it more. Look in the Word for second and third witnesses. It will give you knowledge. Do not stop reading the Word though, it is feeding your spirit.
  • As you read the word it teaches you.  Trust the Holy Spirit to show what something means. Reading the word is important to do to be able to tell false doctrine when we hear it.  If you don’t know the Word you may be sucked into something you shouldn’t be involved in.
  • If we want to know Jesus, who is the Word,  we need to avail ourselves of Him.
  • If you want to please someone you find out what pleases them.  You want to please the Lord, find out what pleases Him.
  • The word of God reproves us, we have to mix the word of God with faith.
  • Let the Word get it in us and let by faith accept it and stand in it.
  • False doctrine and lies sound good to the flesh and that is how we get sucked into the lies.
  • We need to seek the Word daily, to know how to rightly battle. Otherwise we are not as effective as we could be.
  • The word is sharp as a two-edged sword.  We need to know how to rightly divide it.
  • A lot of the false doctrines feed the lust of the flesh & pride of life. Like with Eve in the Garden when she was beguiled.
  • The Lord holds His Word up for His standard, it is everlasting and will not change.
  • We have to get past hanging on to anything but it.
  • As we go forward in Him by faith we gain confidence in Him. It is the word we are to know and to adhere to.
  • The word is God talking through 40 secretaries.
  • All Scripture was given by inspiration by God.
  • Trust the Lord with your understanding of the word. We must put off unrighteous judgment of the Word.
  • Paul’s admonition to Timothy to take heed, to hold on to the doctrine. If we do the same thing Paul told Timothy to do the same promise is there for us.
  • God still has secretaries that bring forth His Word this day.  He calls all of His people to be those who give voice to His Word.  We do this by faith, and hold fast choosing to believe it above everything else, in the place of everything else.
  • Remember that the word is our path and if we aren’t walking in that light then we are in darkness and we don’t know where we are going. It is so easy to stray off.
  • When we accepted Jesus as our Lord and Savior we made a covenant with Him. We have all made this oath and said we will do this. We need to recognize that and perform it. That we will keep our oath to Him. When we accept Him and don’t trust Him or go off and do our own thing it is taking His name in vain.
  • Pray that God gives you a mind that is hungry for His word. Reading it and digesting it is important. He will answer that prayer.
  • He has given us His manual so that we may know Him, we have no excuse.  We are accountable if we don’t read it.
  • Get it in you, read it.
  • Sometimes it can be a battle to read the Word.  Do it before the day starts.
  • We should read the whole thing. Read it by books so it stays in context. There is so much good stuff in there that will help you with your walk.
  • Which is more important – what is going on in our day with whatever, or what the Lord has for you? When you get into the Word first, that is just plain good.
  • There is so much in the old Testament that is profitable to us so that we can be thoroughly furnished unto all good works.
  • A man that had a hope that transcended His flesh and a knowledge of God who came boldly unto the throne of God that He may be made alive in Christ. That is God’s will for us.
  • If you don’t know what the Word says, it will fall on deaf ears.
  • Anything told about the Word, check it out for yourself to establish it in you. It is safe for you and the ones giving the Word.
  • We aren’t going to take heed and do unless we recognize that if we don’t we are in a dangerous place. We need to take heed. This is not a light subject. In His Word is salvation, if we want to know Him and partake of Him it is up to us to do it.
  • Listening to the Word does not replace reading it. Listening is still a good thing but does not replace it.
  • Read aloud if you can because faith cometh by hearing and hearing by the word of God.
  • If you sit and read it your focus is on it more.  Even when your reading your mind can still wander off but we can bring our mind back.  We do this because we want to be strong in THE FAITH. Avail yourself of that tool so that your faith may increase.
  • Meditate on it day and night so you can do what it says. Starts by reading it, hearing it and getting it in you. Then you meditate on it throughout the day. It stays so much better, then you can actually remember what the Word says.
  • Let the Word wash you.
  • It will make your ways prosperous, not in the world but in the Lord’s will.
  • How can we divide something we don’t know? We can’t rightly.
  • If we want to serve the Lord with a thing, He will provide it for us.
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