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Thank you for visiting our website. If you have found this site a blessing, please consider supporting The Fishermen Ministry via the donate button below.

Sunday TX – 9/14/2014

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  • Richard D. Eutsler, Sr.
  • Ann Eutsler
  • Bob Hicks
  • Melanie Bishop

Scriptures Used:

  • Job 3:25
  • James 4:1-10
  • Luke 21:32-36
  • Deuteronomy 5:9


  • When Bob gave his life to Jesus and took Jesus Christ’s name he was still in the world.   Most of the churches he had been in were in the world every day but in spite of regular services most times they were in the world.
  • When he met Richard and Cheryl and the folks in Texas he realized he had wasted all those years and did not follow Jesus or walk with Him.   He thought that God was there only to hear his requests, but not to be served.
  • Coming to the ranch was humbling because there was no electricity for TV’s or radios and the only things around were desert and animals which gave him time to read the Bible often and to study it.
  • Most church goers are content to hear a sermon or two and never open their Bibles other than in church.
  • Where and on whom do you put your trust and in what do you have faith?
  • Most churches don’t want people to read their Bibles or know the truth but just come in a few times a week to hear what they want them to hear to make them feel good so their leaders can get paid.
  • There are many warnings in the Bible to the churches and what they need to change if they are the Lord’s church.  They need to read it and take to heart (understand it) when speaking about the Lord’s Word.   Work out your own salvation with fear and trembling.  God will not force you.  As Christians we are told to preach the gospel and give the truth to the individuals in the world as we go out into the world, it is their decision to follow or not.
  • Daily ask yourself what you have done to follow Jesus so you may enter in, also what do you need to change in your life.
  • There is no guarantee of going to God unless you believe on Him and you can prove it by doing what He says.
  • Jesus loves us, He loves you and me and wants only the best for us and all we need to do is humble ourselves and ask for help and wisdom from Him, read the Bible and find out what you need to do.   Salvation, grace, mercy and peace from the Lord is there for the asking.
  • Where and on what do you put your faith?   Man continues to try to improve on God’s creation.   Melanie explained the origin of soap and how it has changed its content through time to what it is today due to the pride of manufacturers, the fear of the people and of their faith being put in the product and not in God.  Putting (Triclosan) antibiotics into soaps which “protect” us but problems arising now can be traced back to that.  Pride caused them to think they could do better than God, and fear caused the consumers to use it, and faith was put in those products.
  • Fear is realized with Job.  For the thing which I greatly feared is come upon me, and that which I was afraid of has come unto me.
  • When we let ourselves be ruled by fear that fear is going to be realized and when we don’t put our faith in Jesus but in other things, what do we expect to happen?
  • There is a simple solution to this and to all the problem in society – faith in the Lord, humble ourselves, submit to Him, repent and ask Him to fix it.   Through Him all things are possible.   This illustration on soap can show us pride and the fear in the misplaced faith is everywhere.
  • Nothing in the Word will be unfulfilled and we will see it happen.
  • We need to take heed to ourselves that we don’t become involved in these things which we will when we take our eyes off Jesus.   They are traps and will lead us to hell unless we realize it, keep our eyes on Him and believe Him.
  • Surfeiting: –  giddiness and headache resulting from excessive winebibbing and a drunken nausea. Alcoholism, drug addiction.   We get involved in the cares of this world (are bills being paid do we have enough food on the table, what’s our neighbor doing, he’s upsetting me etc which we get so involved in that we don’t even think of the Lord or look to Him.
  • We see things coming to pass that are in scripture and we aren’t even aware of it but we don’t want to be in that place.
  • We are responsible and accountable and want to be worthy and not fall into that snare or trap.   God will forgive us if we are faithful keeping our eyes on Jesus, following His Word and obey him and the authorities and rulers He’s set over us so when we stand before Him He can say ”Come in good and faithful servant.
  • Pay attention, read the Word, learn what he wants us to do, seek the advice of your authority’s experience , submit yourselves and obey your authorities.   We are capable to be doing it because Jesus said to!
  • Do you love me?    (Jesus asked His disciples that.)     Keep my commandments.   His commandments were really hard.   Love God and love your neighbor.   Is that so hard?     Look around the room, do you love them?   Do you love your neighbors?   It is hard when it comes to love your neighbor.   If there are some people you know that you don’t  love, then you’re not of God.   If there is one person on this planet that you don’t love, you are in danger.   God did not give us a spirit of hate, fear or confusion but of love, power and a sound mind.
  • Bob said earlier that Jesus came to show us the way He acted, and what He did, and we are to believe it and also to do it.   (Maybe Scott said something about that too,) He was showing us by example.   When Jesus came He did as the Father, He loved all men and told them the truth and showed all of us how we’re to be.   Did He call down legions of angels upon those Jews that sought to destroy Him?   Did He call hell-fire on the Romans that put Him on the cross?  His words were:  “Father forgive them for they know not what they do.”   And yet we also are not only to believe Jesus, we’re to follow in His footsteps, we’re to love one another as He showed us.
  • How do you know if you love someone?
  • Phelios love – emotional love;   Eros love – sexual love;   Do you understand Agape love – the love of God?
  • You can know if you are giving Agape love to a person.   Agape love is when the person you are dealing with is more important and their welfare and desires are more important to you than your own welfare or desires.
  • If a brother or sister’s behavior upsets you it’s a signal, a warning to you that it is not Agape love but carnal.   You are choosing the way of the world over the way of God.   It is not easy but it is simple.
  • Everyone listening and hearing this is capable of doing because Jesus gives His Spirit of Love, Power and a sound mind.   We can take the mind of Christ to make the right decision and to serve God not ourselves no matter what situation comes up.   Make the decision to rebuke that emotion, rebuke that flesh and say “No I’m going to serve God, I’m going to love that person and do what’s good for that person even if they don’t love me back.”
  • Phelios love is about getting love back;   I don’t need to tell you what Eros is about, but Agape love is about giving love it’s not about receiving it.
  • “Lord pour your love into me that I may pour it out to  others.”
  • They will know you are my disciples when you have love one for another – when you love your neighbor, your brothers- or sisters then you are in God and God is in you, but If you hate your brothers and sisters you are not of God, you are of the world.   Hate – is not the emotion one, emotional hate is even worse.   If you love you prefer; if you hate you prefer yourself over the other person.
  • Deuteronomy says “I will visit the iniquity of the fathers upon the children unto the third and fourth generation of them that hate me.” it stinks to be you if you hate me and not only you but your children and your children’s children and their children so if you can’t get it right for yourself, get it right for them.    So loving your neighbor, loving one another is preferring them over you.  Loving God is preferring Him over yourself and over every thing.
  • God loved us more than He loved Himself – can you comprehend that?   God loved us more than He loved Himself!   Making Himself a man and took all of our sins, past, present and future of all generations upon Himself and He hung on that cross where He was so disfigured by the sin that He no longer looked like a man but a worm.   He was so disfigured by the sin of the world that even the Centurion looking up at Him said:  “Truly this is the Son of God.”   Can you love that much?   If Christ lay down His life for us, can we not lay down our lives  for one another?
  • In James the reference to adulterers and adulteresses means being unfaithful to God.   Friendship with the world is also explained.
  • Where do you put your faith?   Put it rightly in the Lord, humble yourself,  submit yourself to Him,  resist the devil, and he will flee from you.
  • The world will not understand it, they will hate you but it does not matter because if you love the Father, you Love the Son, and if you love the Son you keep His commandments.
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